Why NetOptiks?

NetOptiks is the number-one choice for Brantford and Brant-area businesses that demand innovative and custom solutions for data and voice services.

As a division of Brantford Hydro, NetOptiks has been bringing Brantford-Brant online for nearly two decades. High-speed, customizable, reliable and unlimited dedicated internet, voice, managed and professional services are what set us apart from other carriers.

NetOptiks operates on an end-to-end fibre-optic network which allows every business we serve to receive industry-leading solutions geared to meet their specific business needs. Our network is the fastest and most reliable. Period. It outperforms both DSL and cable.


NetOptiks delivers dedicated internet service and WIFI that is scalable to your unique business needs – from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. There is no limit to the speed and reliability we deliver to businesses across our region every day. In today's economy, with ever-increasing bandwidth consumption demands across nearly every industry, your business will benefit from our diverse connection to top-tier carriers – in both Canada and the U.S. – through our 100% fibre-optic backbone. In the rare case of an outage, our 24/7/365 service support team will work anytime of day or night – and as long as it takes – to get your connection back online. If tight security for your data connection is your priority, we've got your back covered. All our traffic is delivered over a private VLAN for ultimate protection of your valuable, confidential business correspondence, accounting and documents. If you're aiming to take your customer service ability, speed and online reliability to the next level, NetOptiks will provide the exact internet service your business needs.

Want to spend less on your business' voice service? We can help you save. NetOptiks will transition your business from your current provider to our cost-effective, cloud-based voice services. We offer unbeatable bundle packages, multiple 1-800 numbers, digital and HD voice solutions with zero background noise and many other custom options at prices that can't be beat by other carriers. With our expertise, we will help you communicate with your customers with the swiftness, security and reliability you require to suit your needs.
Outsource your day-to-day WIFI network operations to NetOptiks and save resources on your IT budgets and staff. We have multiple locations in our own completely-secured network environment and managed firewall options to keep access to your data safe and sound – no matter what. Disasters happen. We're fully-prepared to manage disaster recovery for our wide-area network. Your data is backed up in the cloud and at multiple sites for simple and secure recovery in the event of a large-scale emergency or disaster that affects access. Let NetOptiks be the one you trust when the unexpected happens and save time and money with a custom solution to fit your business demands.
We construct and deliver custom, managed, turn-key fibre-optic networks for virtually any business across any industry sector. With small-to-medium-sized businesses rapidly outgrowing DSL, building a custom fibre-optic network has never been a better investment for your business. Whether it's a new condominium building, manufacturing center, office space or any other business environment – NetOptiks has you covered anytime and anywhere.